Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time Suckers

Time Suckers

So what-my friend is sucking your day?
Taking from you the way you should play,
stealing away what your life wants to say?

Time suckers.. time suckers

The clicker in hand, flipping around
twenty-four channels just to hear sound.
There’s nothing worthwhile tonight to be found.

Time suckers.. time suckers

Or is it my friend that sucking facebook?
I’ll be just a minute, must take a quick look
that turns into an hour, my precious timesucking crook.

Time suckers.. time suckers

Is your day sucked up in bits and in snips?
Stolen eack time the cellphone it blips.
Grab it and soon your fingers they fly
send a new text in the blink of an eye.

Time suckers..  time suckers

I did not mention e-bay or craigslist
or the queen of all suckers they call Pintrest
There’s so many suckers my brain needs a rest!

Time suckers.. time suckers
So what would I do, and who would I tell
the things that I think, the thoughts that I sell?
And how would I know if the world went to hell?
Time suckers.. time suckers

I’d paint, and I’d sew, and I’d get things done.
I might even break out in a run.
But there is one thing I know is true,
I’d surely have more time to play with you!

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  1. Ha, ha Jill! I like it and I want to hear it at a Broken Mic--will you let me know if you do, if you will please? :)