Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big Table

When I grow up- I will be a guest,
fun shoes and a hat- creatively dressed.
I won’t wear an apron- or non skid black shoes,
but will pick a silk dress- in my favorite blues.

Won’t carry four dinners- up over my head,
feel that everyday ache- when I hit the bed.
I’ll walk in and say-”Yes a table for four,
right there by the window, not near the front door.”

“May I have a lemon for my water please?
And an appie of rosemary crackers with cheese?”
“Oh yes take my plate- and refill my glass”
Here she comes now with my lemon sea bass!
I must pop out - of this lofty day dream,
go get the mail- and let off some steam.
….What’s this? Invitation? And who is BigTable?
Are they selling insurance- or a get rich quick fable?

They want me to come-as an honored guest?
I don’t have to serve- It’s my turn to rest!
The top chefs of Spokane- cook a six course delight,
All for restaurant employees- it’s our turn tonight.

The servers, the cooks, the bussers, dishwashers,
Are being served by the lawyers and ushers!
They serve us tonight with joy in their heart,
connecting the dots- and this just the start.

For after we’ve eaten- and sipped on fine wine,
they ask if we have any friends we could find,
who need love and compassion- a bit of Gods grace,
or someone who needs-just a smiling face.

Thought of Johnny from Africa- with a wife and six kids,
learns English in school- with half closed eyelids.
Does dishes from three- to quarter to one,
sings praise songs to God- Oh this is the one!

This is the person-Big Table could bless,
They need pans and a pot- and a little pink dress,
They need bikes and a couch- and to know of Gods care
I told of the need- BigTable was there

We arrived with a truck- full to overflowing,
to say the least- all ten faces were glowing.
...Just one example of how BigTable works.
the joy in the giving- just one of the perks.

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  1. AWESOME, Jill. I've heard a little bit about this ministry, what a neat way to share God's love.